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Our Story

Shenannigans is proud to locally owned and operated. 24-year-old owner Paul Rubino became an entrepreneur in 2011 following the birth of his son, Paul Jr. Paul Sr. worked at Shenannigans and at other local restaurants and bars through college until he started 716 Party Rental, a fast growing party rental and events company that specializes in tents and photo booths. Paul Jr. is growing up fast. He is now attending kindergarten at St. Mark’s school in Buffalo.

Paul J. Rubino Sr. is proud to own Shenannigans. Supporting local breweries and vendors is key component to his vision for the bar’s future. Our goal is to offer patrons a place of comfort and hospitality. From gourmet “Wingnutz” chicken wings to the quinoa salad, the revamped menu offers something for everyone. Our new and improved nightlife experience offers tasteful music and affordable drink specials, making Shenannigans a party bar destination you don’t have to drive downtown for. Welcome to the new Shenannigans.